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How do the free search credits work?

You can make a maximum of 15 free address searches a day, with the counter resetting at midnight every day.

Credits are associated with each individual postcode. When you view details of an address or a list of addresses under a postcode, one credit will be deducted from your available balance. You are then free to view any addresses associated with that postcode for the rest of your browsing session without any further credit deductions. This resets itself at midnight every day.

Why is there a limit on free searches?

Our free limit is for users who occasionally need to look up details of addresses or postcodes.

How do paid credits work?

You can top-up your account with additional credits for only 2.5p each (with a minimum purchase of 40 credits for £2.00).

  • Paid search credits last a year

    While free credits expire at midnight every day, paid credits stay on your account for one full year after purchase - so you have a whole year to use them up.

  • You still get free credits to use every day!

    Even if you have a balance of paid credits, you are still given a fresh set of 15 free credits every day (beginning at midnight). We only deduct your paid credits once you have run out of free credits.

  • Paid search credits are used in the same way as free credits

    When a credit - any credit, whether free or paid - is deducted for a search, the postcode associated with that search and all other addresses under that postcode can be viewed without any limits for the rest of that browsing session.

  • Your account is credited immediately

    After paying for your credit top-up by PayPal, our simple and secure payment processor, the credits are added to your account within seconds! You can use them immediately.

  • No more ads!

    All logged-in users don't see any third-party ads throughout the site.