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We’re checking, processing and distributing files used by millions of people every day. Our service helps large as well as small organisations grow.

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We’re a leading UK postcode lookup services company but so much more! Our API links to our enriched data pool of verified addresses including Companies House and Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF) and Multi Residency files. Over 30 million verified UK addresses! No need to store and process these large cumbersome files yourself, no need to process updates and changes or otherwise keep on top of data decay, we do all of this for you saving you considerable costs.


  • Current PAF, Companies House, Multi Residency addresses
  • Slicker checkout reducing cart abandonments
  • Eliminate bad address credit card failures
  • Verified delivery addresses to prevent fraud
  • Prevent failed deliveries attempts
  • Clean & consistent customer addresses in your databases
  • Address updates to prevent customer data decay
  • Nearest postcodes for a given latitude and longitude

Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF) is a core part of this address validation solution. It is the most widely-recognised and used corner stone for any businesses fast addressing and address verification solution. And we’ve added to it!

Unlike competitor offerings we’ve enhanced the lookup to include Companies House and Multi Residency records. Whilst PAF itself is very accurate when it comes to residential addresses it is recognised that it’s severely lacking for business data. That’s why we’ve taken the extra step of including other references files including Companies House which adds millions of more records to the source file we look after.

We are one of the leading UK postcode lookup services.

  • Faster checkouts to increase conversion
  • Less time needed for users to check out
  • Address verification to prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Less failed deliveries as standard delivery addresses used
  • Cleaner customer records
  • Keeping customer data current so it doesn’t decay over time
  • Latest postcode and address changes
  • Nearest postcodes for a given latitude and longitude
  • Bulk reverse geo-coding
  • Bulk lookup postcodes
  • Autocomplete from a partial name, address or postcode

We take pride in offering the most extensive and easy-to-integrate postcode and geolocation API for the UK addresses.

We offer two different types of lookups. The pricing for both is the same (2.5p per credit/lookup).

Click here to download a PDF Guide/Legend

This will should you the available data fields for both lookup types.

Basic Request

The basic request provides only plain address data from PAF sources. This is ideal for lightweight applications.

HTTPS GET Endpoint

JSON Response:

Full Request

The full request provides our full data set at the expense of slightly increased return size and processing time.

HTTPS GET Endpoint

The API feed contains records and related data we have for addresses and businesses under any full and valid UK postcode.

Our records come from the following sources:

  • Royal Mail PAF (Postcode Address File®)
  • Royal Mail's PAF is the most up-to-date and accurate database of addresses in the UK. Our local PAF database is updated every three months, and is enhanced with approved user-submitted amendments and updates, particularly enhancing accuracy of the business/organisation information available within PAF.
  • Royal Mail PAF Multiple Residence
  • While PAF maintains an accurate record of individual delivery points, the Royal Mail Multiple Residence data enhances this by allowing identification of properties where two or more dwellings share a single front door. Our local Multiple Residence database is updated every three months, and is enhanced with approved user-submitted amendments and updates, particularly enhancing accuracy of business/organisation information.
  • Companies House
  • We maintain a database of all active Companies House businesses with a UK-registered address. This is public domain data, and is locally updated every three months.

Additionally, we also include other useful data with every address record, including address counts, the country/region/district/ward, coordinates and constituency/MP information. Note that the maximum delineation of this extra information is at postcode unit-level; so all addresses which share the same postcode unit will share the exact same additional information.

Click here to download a PDF Guide/Legend

This will should you the available data fields.

Our pricing is a worry-free flat rate of 2.5 pence per lookup/credit. That's it - simple.

Credit packs can be purchased in any amount, beginning with £0.60 for 40 credits.

Just testing us out? We offer a free limited two-week trial that contains 100 credits.

Need a lot of credits (500,000 or more)? Contact us for high-volume pricing.

How up-to-date is our address data?

Our data is very up-to-date. Our address data is regularly updated from various sources, including Royal Mail's Postcode Address File database, and is enhanced with real-time corrections from address owners/occupiers submitted through our site (no other API service offers this additional feature).

How do I use this service?

Just register a free acount and purchase an API credits pack, upon which we will assign you a dedicated API key in order to use our API lookup service.

What is an API lookup?

A lookup is a search of a full UK postcode against our entire address database.

How much are the credits?

Lookup credits are one flat low rate of 2.5p each. It's that simple.

Do the lookup credits expire?

All credits in a pack expire one calendar year after purchase. Upon this expiry, they are considered lost and non-refundable.

Do we deduct a credit if the lookup doesn't produce any data?

If your lookup fails to get a list of addresses for any reason (e.g. an invalid UK postcode was searched), no credits will be deducted.

What payment methods are available?

All payments are securely processed through PayPal, which means you can pay with nearly any UK bank account or credit/debit card.

Are there any other fees?

There are no contracts, overages, fees or any other additional charges. All you pay for is the number of lookups you wish to make.

Is there any technical support?

Yes. While our service is designed to be self-service and fully automated, we offer support for any technical enquiry. Simply get in touch with us and we will get back to you within one business day (in most cases, within a couple of hours).

What is your service uptime?

We guarantee availability of at least 99.9% from our high-performance multi-core dedicated server.

We provide bulk address and postcode finding services including address cleaning and enrichment. We charge for our provisions. If you would like a demonstration of the solutions we offer, please use the facilities above to locate an address and view the data fields we offer. Also feel free to send us 30 random postcode records for a free demonstration of our data enrichment services.

Coming Soon: Postcode Finder API, Address Finder API, Address Checker, Postcode Checker, Address Cleaner & App, Address Completion & App, Property Count API, House Value API, Address Case Conversion, Complete Missing Fields in my Data App, Address Checker Correction & App.

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