Hillcrest, Balnahowe, Santon, ISLE OF MAN, IM4 1HN

  • Postcode's Average House Price £0
  • Address Reference Code: 811472504

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IM4 1HN Postcode Information

Area IM • View Area IM
District IM4 View District IM4
Sector IM4 1 View Sector IM4 1
Postcode IM4 1HN View Postcode IM4 1HN
Postcode Type S
Deliver Point Suffix (dps) 1B
Addresses 10 total (9 residential / 1 business)
Region (pseudo) Isle of Man
County (pseudo) Isle of Man
Country Isle of Man
Constituency (pseudo) Isle of Man
MP ()
Lattitude 0
Longitude 0
Number of Properties 10 residential / 1 business

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