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BA / Bath

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BA1 1AAManvers Street51.378849-2.355562
BA1 1AGManvers Street51.380003-2.363229
BA1 1AJManvers Street51.383385-2.359965
BA1 1ALManvers Street51.379625-2.363283
BA1 1BAManvers Street51.383186-2.360352
BA1 1BEManvers Street51.382914-2.360204
BA1 1BHManvers Street51.382863-2.36032
BA1 1BLManvers Street51.383184-2.360926
BA1 1BNManvers Street51.382772-2.360693
BA1 1BPManvers Street51.382874-2.361282
BA1 1BRManvers Street51.382653-2.361181
BA1 1BWManvers Street51.382878-2.36101
BA1 1BZManvers Street51.383904-2.360889
BA1 1DAManvers Street51.383506-2.361518
BA1 1DBManvers Street51.384323-2.362157
BA1 1DDManvers Street51.383909-2.362024
BA1 1DEManvers Street51.384149-2.362125
BA1 1DGManvers Street51.384504-2.361526
BA1 1JSManvers Street51.37956-2.358168
BA1 1DNManvers Street51.38399-2.361233