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BT / Belfast

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BT1 1AADonegall Quay54.602444-5.922291
BT1 1ALDonegall Quay54.600619-5.93427
BT1 1ARDonegall Quay54.602717-5.922494
BT1 1BGDonegall Quay00
BT1 1BLDonegall Quay54.599311-5.930808
BT1 1BTDonegall Quay00
BT1 1BWDonegall Quay54.599968-5.929289
BT1 1DADonegall Quay54.599809-5.931046
BT1 1DDDonegall Quay54.600619-5.93427
BT1 1DFDonegall Quay54.600619-5.93427
BT1 1DJDonegall Quay54.60179-5.931827
BT1 1DLDonegall Quay54.602513-5.931543
BT1 1DNDonegall Quay54.60323-5.930934
BT1 1EADonegall Quay54.60293-5.931228
BT1 1EHDonegall Quay00
BT1 1EJDonegall Quay54.600059-5.935149
BT1 1ELDonegall Quay54.599518-5.929776
BT1 1EPDonegall Quay00
BT1 1ERDonegall Quay54.602394-5.930357
BT1 1EXDonegall Quay54.60168-5.931152