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DL / Darlington

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DL1 1AASt. Cuthberts Way54.522095-1.550751
DL1 1ABSt. Cuthberts Way54.52658-1.553266
DL1 1AGSt. Cuthberts Way54.522935-1.537656
DL1 1ANSt. Cuthberts Way54.52658-1.553266
DL1 1BASt. Cuthberts Way54.522669-1.526906
DL1 1BDSt. Cuthberts Way54.522194-1.522771
DL1 1BESt. Cuthberts Way54.521803-1.519361
DL1 1BGSt. Cuthberts Way54.521992-1.519452
DL1 1BHSt. Cuthberts Way54.522289-1.519556
DL1 1BJSt. Cuthberts Way54.522825-1.520409
DL1 1BLSt. Cuthberts Way54.523661-1.520307
DL1 1BNSt. Cuthberts Way54.522928-1.519141
DL1 1BQSt. Cuthberts Way54.523295-1.521052
DL1 1BWSt. Cuthberts Way54.523233-1.518952
DL1 1DASt. Cuthberts Way54.525647-1.520283
DL1 1DBSt. Cuthberts Way54.525765-1.520684
DL1 1DDSt. Cuthberts Way54.52441-1.521302
DL1 1DESt. Cuthberts Way54.525903-1.522032
DL1 1DFSt. Cuthberts Way54.52499-1.522454
DL1 1DGSt. Cuthberts Way54.52377-1.52287