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EX / Exeter

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EX1 1ATKing Street50.720685-3.534419
EX1 1BAKing Street50.719901-3.535172
EX1 1BBKing Street50.719778-3.534332
EX1 1BDKing Street50.720124-3.53467
EX1 1BEKing Street50.720239-3.534107
EX1 1BGKing Street50.720741-3.534251
EX1 1BHKing Street50.72048-3.533605
EX1 1BJKing Street50.720385-3.533941
EX1 1BLKing Street50.72087-3.534
EX1 1BNKing Street50.720726-3.533854
EX1 1BPKing Street50.720692-3.531686
EX1 1BSKing Street50.721404-3.53236
EX1 1BWKing Street50.721236-3.532029
EX1 1BXKing Street50.726321-3.522248
EX1 1BZKing Street50.721519-3.531698
EX1 1DBKing Street50.720755-3.531163
EX1 1DEKing Street50.719399-3.532308
EX1 1DFKing Street50.720008-3.533746
EX1 1DGKing Street50.719993-3.533022
EX1 1DJKing Street50.720712-3.533031