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HX / Halifax

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HX1 1AAGaol Lane53.724334-1.857458
HX1 1ADGaol Lane53.722101-1.861178
HX1 1BBGaol Lane53.7222-1.861845
HX1 1BEGaol Lane53.721463-1.861483
HX1 1BPGaol Lane53.721265-1.861681
HX1 1BSGaol Lane53.721237-1.860681
HX1 1BTGaol Lane53.722235-1.860723
HX1 1BWGaol Lane53.72166-1.860574
HX1 1BXGaol Lane53.721027-1.859987
HX1 1DDGaol Lane53.72108-1.859562
HX1 1DEGaol Lane53.721215-1.860016
HX1 1DJGaol Lane53.721496-1.859089
HX1 1DLGaol Lane53.722063-1.859845
HX1 1DRGaol Lane53.722612-1.860783
HX1 1DSGaol Lane53.722342-1.86042
HX1 1DUGaol Lane53.721906-1.859074
HX1 1DYGaol Lane53.722404-1.859374
HX1 1DZGaol Lane53.722404-1.859374
HX1 1EBGaol Lane53.718653-1.873055
HX1 1HAGaol Lane53.722072-1.862529