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LA1 1AAFenton Street54.048161-2.803823
LA1 1ABFenton Street54.047941-2.804235
LA1 1ADFenton Street54.05424-2.807106
LA1 1AEFenton Street54.046963-2.804033
LA1 1AFFenton Street54.04724-2.796111
LA1 1AGFenton Street54.046781-2.796301
LA1 1AHFenton Street54.051536-2.802991
LA1 1ALFenton Street54.04806-2.801167
LA1 1AYFenton Street54.051725-2.801559
LA1 1AZFenton Street54.044171-2.80231
LA1 1BEFenton Street54.047337-2.805919
LA1 1BPFenton Street54.051032-2.801729
LA1 1BUFenton Street54.049448-2.803603
LA1 1BWFenton Street54.045204-2.800899
LA1 1BXFenton Street54.04527-2.800411
LA1 1BYFenton Street54.045817-2.800605
LA1 1DBFenton Street54.051405-2.797073
LA1 1DDFenton Street54.051416-2.796875
LA1 1DGFenton Street54.052505-2.7952
LA1 1DLFenton Street54.053957-2.79291