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TA1 1AAChip Lane51.023442-3.109646
TA1 1LWChip Lane51.01649-3.10305
TA1 1AZChip Lane51.020355-3.113707
TA1 1BAChip Lane51.021475-3.104666
TA1 1BBChip Lane51.021279-3.104855
TA1 1BDChip Lane51.02203-3.105891
TA1 1BGChip Lane51.022604-3.106974
TA1 1BHChip Lane51.022682-3.10823
TA1 1BJChip Lane51.022829-3.10601
TA1 1BNChip Lane51.022226-3.106993
TA1 1BSChip Lane51.021687-3.106025
TA1 1BUChip Lane51.021679-3.107303
TA1 1BWChip Lane51.020891-3.105031
TA1 1BXChip Lane51.021988-3.107458
TA1 1BYChip Lane51.02226-3.108163
TA1 1BZChip Lane51.023129-3.111364
TA1 1DAChip Lane51.019598-3.106275
TA1 1DBChip Lane51.019141-3.106107
TA1 1DEChip Lane51.019361-3.106626
TA1 1DFChip Lane51.018897-3.108154