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CO1 1AGClarendon Way51.8988680.896623
CO1 1AHClarendon Way51.8981930.897001
CO1 1AJClarendon Way51.8984820.896235
CO1 1ANClarendon Way51.8983360.897417
CO1 1APClarendon Way51.898820.898931
CO1 1DZClarendon Way51.8910610.896673
CO1 1BBClarendon Way51.889790.896053
CO1 1BGClarendon Way51.8985970.895224
CO1 1BNClarendon Way51.8989310.907662
CO1 1BPClarendon Way51.898920.907631
CO1 1BQClarendon Way51.8933090.899231
CO1 1BWClarendon Way51.8989110.907631
CO1 1BXClarendon Way51.8986590.89975
CO1 1BYClarendon Way51.893250.898355
CO1 1BZClarendon Way51.8921830.895655
CO1 1DAClarendon Way51.8893340.897158
CO1 1DBClarendon Way51.8894360.898371
CO1 1DFClarendon Way51.8890550.900308
CO1 1DGClarendon Way51.8894220.898573
CO1 1DHClarendon Way51.8895870.900648