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GL1 1ADKings Square51.865133-2.243699
GL1 1BZKings Square51.865753-2.239404
GL1 1DAKings Square51.863968-2.237056
GL1 1DEKings Square51.865458-2.238647
GL1 1DGKings Square51.866192-2.2399
GL1 1DHKings Square51.864902-2.241472
GL1 1DLKings Square51.862218-2.248679
GL1 1DPKings Square51.86482-2.241791
GL1 1DQKings Square51.864718-2.239601
GL1 1DSKings Square51.862945-2.236368
GL1 1DTKings Square51.862886-2.238909
GL1 1DXKings Square51.86411-2.242793
GL1 1DZKings Square51.864299-2.242547
GL1 1EAKings Square51.865001-2.242028
GL1 1ENKings Square51.864034-2.239946
GL1 1EPKings Square51.86338-2.23811
GL1 1EQKings Square51.864312-2.240427
GL1 1EWKings Square51.863443-2.238212
GL1 1HDKings Square51.864748-2.242593
GL1 1HGKings Square51.862899-2.244686