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HG / Harrogate

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HG1 1AACambridge Road53.993657-1.541446
HG1 1AECambridge Road53.993009-1.538891
HG1 1AFCambridge Road53.993009-1.538891
HG1 1AGCambridge Road53.993009-1.538891
HG1 1AXCambridge Road53.995527-1.539107
HG1 1BACambridge Road53.995542-1.538329
HG1 1BBCambridge Road53.995837-1.538682
HG1 1BECambridge Road53.995782-1.537808
HG1 1BJCambridge Road53.988474-1.539856
HG1 1BLCambridge Road53.989609-1.540454
HG1 1BSCambridge Road53.994787-1.543051
HG1 1BTCambridge Road53.995045-1.543252
HG1 1BXCambridge Road53.995241-1.539568
HG1 1BYCambridge Road53.99511-1.540698
HG1 1DACambridge Road53.994707-1.53932
HG1 1DBCambridge Road53.994779-1.540869
HG1 1DDCambridge Road53.994454-1.540629
HG1 1DHCambridge Road53.994856-1.542257
HG1 1DJCambridge Road53.994891-1.542872
HG1 1DLCambridge Road53.995652-1.541211