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WF / Wakefield

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WF1 1AADenby Dale Road53.679473-1.500929
WF1 1AHDenby Dale Road53.682517-1.493762
WF1 1BADenby Dale Road53.68108-1.500532
WF1 1BBDenby Dale Road53.680739-1.501038
WF1 1BDDenby Dale Road53.681838-1.501129
WF1 1BWDenby Dale Road53.682107-1.500883
WF1 1DDDenby Dale Road53.68169-1.500116
WF1 1DFDenby Dale Road53.681319-1.499805
WF1 1DHDenby Dale Road53.680692-1.500067
WF1 1DLDenby Dale Road53.680353-1.500753
WF1 1DPDenby Dale Road53.679851-1.501001
WF1 1DRDenby Dale Road53.679835-1.501379
WF1 1DSDenby Dale Road53.681938-1.495452
WF1 1DWDenby Dale Road53.680932-1.501609
WF1 1DXDenby Dale Road53.679977-1.5033
WF1 1DYDenby Dale Road53.679513-1.501898
WF1 1DZDenby Dale Road53.678651-1.50241
WF1 1EADenby Dale Road53.679391-1.502762
WF1 1EDDenby Dale Road53.680495-1.502492
WF1 1EHDenby Dale Road53.681713-1.501617