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FK / Falkirk

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FK1 1AAGarrison Place56.001996-3.784777
FK1 1AZGarrison Place55.996802-3.785965
FK1 1BAGarrison Place55.997724-3.784356
FK1 1BBGarrison Place55.99813-3.785233
FK1 1BEGarrison Place55.997975-3.787494
FK1 1BFGarrison Place55.997281-3.785778
FK1 1BGGarrison Place55.997956-3.786355
FK1 1BLGarrison Place55.997663-3.7889
FK1 1BNGarrison Place55.997375-3.787402
FK1 1BQGarrison Place55.997731-3.786392
FK1 1DDGarrison Place55.999668-3.785423
FK1 1DGGarrison Place56.000248-3.786909
FK1 1DJGarrison Place55.999706-3.787782
FK1 1DLGarrison Place55.998233-3.788933
FK1 1DQGarrison Place56.000374-3.787245
FK1 1DUGarrison Place55.998663-3.781906
FK1 1DZGarrison Place55.998883-3.783174
FK1 1EAGarrison Place55.998795-3.783635
FK1 1EDGarrison Place55.999063-3.784385
FK1 1EJGarrison Place55.999335-3.786082