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KW / Kirkwall

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KW1 4AAGreen Road58.442284-3.090782
KW1 4ABGreen Road58.442425-3.091078
KW1 4AGGreen Road58.441834-3.092944
KW1 4AHGreen Road58.442231-3.092123
KW1 4AJGreen Road58.44222-3.09238
KW1 4APGreen Road58.441538-3.092866
KW1 4ARGreen Road58.442577-3.08941
KW1 4BPGreen Road58.442861-3.092599
KW1 4BSGreen Road58.443388-3.092975
KW1 4BYGreen Road58.444167-3.093188
KW1 4DAGreen Road58.445088-3.09373
KW1 4DBGreen Road58.444131-3.094232
KW1 4DDGreen Road58.444887-3.09518
KW1 4DEGreen Road58.444694-3.09675
KW1 4DFGreen Road58.446067-3.098918
KW1 4DGGreen Road58.446312-3.095516
KW1 4DJGreen Road58.446537-3.094375
KW1 4DLGreen Road58.447886-3.095291
KW1 4DNGreen Road58.449046-3.095087
KW1 4DPGreen Road58.44865-3.093053