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PL / Plymouth

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PL1 2UUCrocknacor Court00
PL1 1DNSt. Andrews Cross50.370001-4.138397
PL1 1ARSt. Andrews Cross50.374411-4.143138
PL1 1ASSt. Andrews Cross50.370979-4.153658
PL1 1BASt. Andrews Cross50.372833-4.139931
PL1 1BGSt. Andrews Cross50.365584-4.105463
PL1 1BQSt. Andrews Cross50.371681-4.138051
PL1 1DASt. Andrews Cross50.370956-4.139312
PL1 1DDSt. Andrews Cross50.371173-4.138759
PL1 1DESt. Andrews Cross50.371303-4.138753
PL1 1DGSt. Andrews Cross50.371443-4.138757
PL1 1DHSt. Andrews Cross50.372211-4.140044
PL1 1DJSt. Andrews Cross50.373607-4.140894
PL1 1RLSt. Andrews Cross50.371714-4.140162
PL1 1DPSt. Andrews Cross50.371173-4.138759
PL1 1DQSt. Andrews Cross50.371649-4.139273
PL1 1DSSt. Andrews Cross50.370642-4.139748
PL1 1DTSt. Andrews Cross50.370499-4.145085
PL1 1DUSt. Andrews Cross50.370524-4.141247
PL1 1DYSt. Andrews Cross50.37057-4.141714