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ME / Rochester

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ME1 1AAHigh Street51.3861040.507423
ME1 1ADHigh Street51.3825090.504337
ME1 1AEHigh Street51.3859630.506007
ME1 1AFHigh Street51.3862180.505877
ME1 1AGHigh Street51.3822810.505345
ME1 1ASHigh Street51.3908040.5017
ME1 1AXHigh Street51.3801490.491863
ME1 1BAHigh Street51.3833020.511438
ME1 1BBHigh Street51.3838840.510277
ME1 1BDHigh Street51.3834430.509016
ME1 1BGHigh Street51.3832450.510285
ME1 1BHHigh Street51.3793120.490655
ME1 1BJHigh Street51.3841120.507199
ME1 1BNHigh Street51.3829430.511404
ME1 1BTHigh Street51.383430.513399
ME1 1BUHigh Street51.3836480.513727
ME1 1BWHigh Street51.383290.512414
ME1 1BXHigh Street51.3830190.514541
ME1 1BYHigh Street51.3838110.513665
ME1 1DAHigh Street51.3833570.515566