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YO / York

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YO1 7GACleland Court00
YO1 6HZRougier Street53.958901-1.087477
YO1 6BZRougier Street53.956448-1.086403
YO1 6DARougier Street53.957497-1.084856
YO1 6DBRougier Street53.954973-1.082701
YO1 6DDRougier Street53.957172-1.084695
YO1 6DFRougier Street53.956874-1.085723
YO1 6DGRougier Street53.957065-1.08485
YO1 6DHRougier Street53.956251-1.084115
YO1 6DJRougier Street53.954942-1.084637
YO1 6DQRougier Street53.955273-1.083152
YO1 6DSRougier Street53.955294-1.083639
YO1 6DTRougier Street53.954589-1.083091
YO1 6DURougier Street53.954508-1.08419
YO1 6DWRougier Street53.955924-1.084853
YO1 6DXRougier Street53.95642-1.083919
YO1 6DYRougier Street53.95433-1.084453
YO1 6DZRougier Street53.955363-1.085527
YO1 6EARougier Street53.955-1.086297
YO1 6EBRougier Street53.955235-1.086521