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MK / Milton Keynes

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MK1 1ASDane Road52.004991-0.718187
MK1 1SWDane Road52.009093-0.7199
MK1 1BADane Road52.001698-0.715484
MK1 1BYDane Road52.000599-0.714482
MK1 1BBDane Road52.001262-0.715949
MK1 1BEDane Road52.001902-0.716018
MK1 1BGDane Road52.002661-0.716375
MK1 1BHDane Road52.001018-0.718301
MK1 1BJDane Road52.000788-0.719321
MK1 1BLDane Road52.001858-0.720273
MK1 1BNDane Road52.002562-0.724652
MK1 1BPDane Road52.000446-0.717684
MK1 1BQDane Road52.001729-0.719198
MK1 1BUDane Road52.010643-0.72022
MK1 1BWDane Road52.000427-0.720059
MK1 1BXDane Road52.002733-0.723831
MK1 1BZDane Road52.009708-0.723554
MK1 1DBDane Road52.007745-0.740968
MK1 1DDDane Road52.001451-0.724095
MK1 1DFDane Road52.004686-0.73474