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L / Liverpool

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L1 0ABSt. James Street53.396807-2.979846
L1 0AFSt. James Street53.398315-2.982468
L1 0AHSt. James Street53.395385-2.980129
L1 0AJSt. James Street53.396722-2.983649
L1 0ANSt. James Street53.397166-2.982186
L1 0ARSt. James Street53.396593-2.981886
L1 0AUSt. James Street53.396027-2.982972
L1 0AYSt. James Street53.396629-2.983046
L1 0BESt. James Street53.396441-2.980755
L1 0BGSt. James Street53.395399-2.982791
L1 0BLSt. James Street53.396024-2.979031
L1 0BNSt. James Street53.395985-2.980338
L1 0BPSt. James Street53.395972-2.979752
L1 0BSSt. James Street53.394852-2.978373
L1 0BTSt. James Street53.394704-2.977753
L1 0BWSt. James Street53.395191-2.980741
L1 0BYSt. James Street53.394182-2.981049
L1 0DHSt. James Street53.394703-2.981167
L1 0DNSt. James Street53.395715-2.978212
L1 1DAChurch Street53.405497-2.984664