UK Addresses and Postcodes

UK addressing and postcoding. Inbuilt bulk matching, cleaning and enriching services.

Mapping Tools

Mapping tools allow you to draw boundaries for address counts, mailings and planning on our feature-packed map.

UK Addresses and Postcodes

Fetch an address for a postcode or use a postcode to locate an address - 29 million addresses

Data Matching Services

Upload your address lists for bulk matching against our files, ideal for postcode, town, county validation, correction or completion.

API Service

We have dozens of APIs mostly free or carrying a minimal fee. Includes government data as well as our own, all address or postcode based.


Bulk Data Processing

With our Bulk Data Processing services, you can retrieve wide ranging data on any code. Simply upload a CSV containing postcodes, select the information you wish to append, then download the resulting data.

Upload your data

Upload your data file, note a limit of 100mb.

Choose fields you'd like

Choose which data fields you’d like added to your records

Download processed data

We will append the data fields and email you a download link


Powerful mapping tools

Find address by location with powerful polygon search and saved addresses.

Enter any postcode to view it's location on the map

Draw your shape on the map and retrieve addresses

View number of addresses within a plotted area

Save addresses for retrieval on the map later on

Learn more about mapping


FREE Address and Postcode API

Enjoy access to FREE Address and Postcode API services, providing a constantly validated pool of data.

Learn more about the API View API docs

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